2020 eSports iQ Rewind

December 22, 2020

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With 2020 ending, here is a look back at all eSports iQ articles published this year. Enjoy!   

Latin American Esports Fan Profile

A look at competitive video game enthusiasts across Latin America; key insights into audience attitudes, behaviors and lifestyle interests; demonstrates how AI-powered language translation identifies top influencers.
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Winning Esports Merchandise

The business of esports merchandise continued to evolve in 2020; three data-driven best practices; what effective commercialization strategies should know about competitive video game fans. 
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The Esports Attention Economy

How the attention economy applies to esports; insight into the share of attention captured by top game titles; how to understand dimensions of esports fandom across the world.
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VALORANT’s Esports Potential

Overview of VALORANT’s prospect as a competitive title; a data-driven look at the early stages of its player community; factors affecting the game’s esports growth potential.
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Branding in the Age of Esports

Application of Jennifer Aaker’s brand personality framework to competitive video games; how IBM Watson AI can predict the perception of personality traits; why partnerships with esports teams depend on fans’ identification with and loyalty to their brands. 
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League of Legends Esports in Europe

The dynamics of League of Legends esports fandom across Europe; why social data is the key to richer audience insights; the general interest in and attention captured by competitive League content in FranceGermanyRussiaSpain and the UK
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Understanding Esports Influence

How influencers who aren’t associated with competitive play reach esports audiences; practical examples of the unique nature of influence in competitive video games; which personalities have significant influence among esports team fans. 
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Winning Esports Sponsorship with AI

Employing IBM Watson AI to select the right entry point to reach digital sport audiences; how to identify esports partners that might best align with a sponsor’s values; why you need quality data and analytics to help shape esports marketing communications. 
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Winning Esports Influencer Marketing

How brands can enter the games-based media space – with or without esports sponsorship; applying artificial intelligence to identify streaming communities which best fit campaign goals; using eSports iQ audience analytics to streamline influencer discovery. 
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Esports Audience Overlap 101

The first installment of series on how closely related competitive gaming fanbases are; which game titles share the most fans with others; illustration that game genre influences esports fandom. 
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Esports Audience Overlap 102

The second part of a series dedicated to exploring competitive video game fandom; insights on the number of titles followed by esports fans; the effect(s) of drawing audiences from game communities spanning multiple genres and platforms across the world. 
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Esports Audience Overlap 103

Filling the gap left by viewership metrics like average minute audience (AMA); multi-dimensional insight into the differences between competitive video game fanbases; visualizing esports audiences in a novel quadrant approach. 
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