Gaming Marketing Made Simple – Full Course

The gaming industry is massive – estimated to grow from $281 billion in 2023 to over $665 billion by 2030.

Yet, gaming marketing remains an equally massive question mark for most marketers.

Is it more than the growing wave of “Metaverse” activations in Roblox and Fortnite?

Does it include the roughly $500+ million in annual esports related sponsorships?

Where do video game streaming platforms like Twitch fit in the picture?

So, through our Gaming Marketing Institute (GMI), we have released the Gaming Marketing Made Simple course.

The over hour long (FREE, as in beer) course includes:

  • In-depth exploration of use cases from Nike, KFC, Louis Vuitton, and more
  • Clear explanation of key concepts and models like esports, in-game activations, and physical gaming products
  • How to think about the gaming ecosystem as a marketing and advertising destination
  • The shared characteristics of effective gaming marketing campaigns
  • Dispelling the myth that gamers hate advertising

Check it out to understand how gaming marketing can level up your career and business!

Also, stay posted for more learning content across GMI channels!

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