Esports IQ


Enterprise Audience Analytics Platform

eSports iQ is an enterprise audience analytics platform. It is custom software that profiles and transforms publicly available social data, e.g. the things people freely share on social media. The product fuses big data and AI/machine learning technologies together to provide an unfiltered view of esports audiences.

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What It Can Do for You

Premium insights that drive ROI

eSports iQ is a window into the needs, desires, and future behaviors of hard-to-reach audiences across the world. Our data-driven insights help develop brand marketing strategies for the highest possible return on investment (ROI). 

Activate creative decisions

Compelling creative is based on an understanding of audience behaviors and preferences. eSports iQ insights support campaigns that drive desired actions from target audience segments. 

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Lead with authentic experiences

Quality data and analytics helps you build better connections with esports and online gaming audiences. These insights are the foundation of creative and authentic brand experiences.

Conquer the esports marketplace with AI-powered audience analytics