Three Factors Affecting the Growth of eSports Streaming

January 5, 2016

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Image courtesy of Jason Reed via the Daily Dot As the worldwide market for eSports evolves in 2016, it will directly affect the complexion of its live streaming landscape; specifically, the growth of online broadcast platforms used to access the tournaments and individual streams within the eSports ecosystem. Growth within this segment will determine the … Continue reading “Three Factors Affecting the Growth of eSports Streaming”

An Interview with the DingIt Team

December 17, 2015

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As competition in the eSports streaming marketplace heats up, it’s important to track the key players and their approach to market. While names like Twitch and YouTube Gaming stand out, other competitors are intent on capturing a share of rapidly expanding eSports viewerships. One such outlet is DingIt. The live streaming broadcast site for professional and aspiring gamers … Continue reading “An Interview with the DingIt Team”

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