eSports Group is a leading strategic consulting agency focused on eSports. We help companies win in the world of eSports by delivering a strategic, comprehensive approach to your business and goals.


We process and present critical information that empowers decision-making in evaluating investment opportunities, exploring business development avenues or product development support.

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Esports Group is committed to helping customers understand esports audiences that matter to their business. We discover the amazing actionable insights that you need to achieve commercial success in the competitive video game market. Our secret: the fusion of cutting edge technology and customer focused outcomes.

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Branding in the Age of Esports

“A brand is a living entity, and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures.”  Michael Eisner, former Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company  It’s alive All successful brands have distinct personalities. And much like humans, these personalities develop over the course of years. Meaning while brand image can change over time, personality is more consistent.   … Continue reading “Branding in the Age of Esports”

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Winning at the business of eSports

Who We Are

Esports Group started as an advisory business built from years of experience in the esports industry. It has since grown into an audience intelligence provider built around cutting-edge technology. Our proprietary advanced analytics platform data transforms social data into premium insights. This software-first approach, which leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data technologies, gives us an edge over firms who depend on survey-based data. The result: clients can gather rich, detailed insight on audiences that matter to their business.


Esports Group has a nuanced understanding of the esports market opportunity – its fans, the community, and industry landscape.

Data & Analytics

We’re your go-to partner for commercial ventures targeted at the esports marketplace. We offer data-driven insights that assist through project design, launch and execution.

Creative Intelligence

Our technology stack combined with hard earned perspective on the competitive video game marketplace, means we can effectively deliver:

  • Research and analysis
  • Brainstorming & concept development
  • Collaborative workshops

Premium Content

Leverage our position as content creators and thought leaders to diagram your company’s winning strategy in: articles, reports, eBooks, and more.


Our practice is rooted in a fundamental understanding of eSports. We don't talk it, we breathe it. Esports Group is anchored to a lifelong passion for gaming, strong professional experience and a commitment to excellence. We work for brands, companies and investors to find the right fit for our customers without conflicts of interest.


In our fast-changing, digitally-connected world, authenticity is an invaluable commodity. eSports is the newest marketing platform authentic to the passions of today's generation. Esports Group helps companies navigate uncharted opportunities that lead to winning in the business of eSports.

eSports Group

My name is Alex Fletcher, the founder and president of eSports Group, LLC. As a lifelong gamer, athlete, and entrepreneur I'm proud and excited to be apart of the eSports industry. Like many others, my story began with a boy and his video game console. For me, it was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that set ablaze my love for gaming. To this day, few memories top the hours I spent absorbed in the 16-bit heaven laden with titles like "Super Mario World 3" and "Star Fox." From those early childhood years to adulthood, I've watched gaming progress from being considered something "you grow out of" to mainstream cultural movement, and have enjoyed every second of it.

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