eSports Sponsorship Insight – May 2016

June 7, 2016

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The eSports Sponsorship Insight is a monthly report containing analysis, perspective, and news on the world of eSports sponsorship. The report is published by eSports Group, a leading eSports consulting agency based in Washington, DC. For more info, please visit or contact us here. Profile | Comcast Xfinity Note: This announcement occurred on June … Continue reading “eSports Sponsorship Insight – May 2016”

The Power of Tribes in eSports

July 5, 2016

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“People have different tastes in games. There are totally different genres. There’s very little overlap,” said George Woo, events organizer at Intel. “They are truly unique communities.” — “Could New Gaming Titles Unite eSports Fans?” by Ethan Gach As an increasing number of consumer brands enter the eSports fray, the race to capture the attention … Continue reading “The Power of Tribes in eSports”

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