Winning Esports Influencer Marketing with AI

October 28, 2020

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Earlier this summer, Netflix sponsored a competitive APEX event to promote a new movie title on its streaming service. The Old Guard Invitational was an all-female tournament featuring streamers and aspiring pro players, hosted by esports casters. It was also an example of how to reach esports and gaming audiences.   The revolution will be streamed Video game live streaming is a digital version of the highly social experiences of yesteryear’s arcade games. The growing popularity of this medium has elevated a new generation of creators on platforms like Twitch and … Continue reading “Winning Esports Influencer Marketing with AI”

Netflix, TV and Why Sports Rule the Big Screen

May 16, 2015

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Earlier this week, I did a take on why Spotify should embrace eSports content. In it, I mentioned how Netflix benefitted from creating its own original content and instead of relying, solely, on licensing from larger studios. To clarify, this streamed video wouldn’t be live, e.g. games or content created by streamers, instead it would be … Continue reading “Netflix, TV and Why Sports Rule the Big Screen”

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