eSports Sponsorship: Winning Consumer Attention and Engagement

March 15, 2016

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Image courtesy of Ryan McGuire via Marketers are beginning to pay attention to electronic sports (eSports). As video games continue to evolve from hobby to leading form of entertainment, consumer attention has also become a rare commodity. Into this picture, enters the eSports experience; built atop wildly popular video game ecosystems, it draws massive … Continue reading “eSports Sponsorship: Winning Consumer Attention and Engagement”

What Brands Just Don’t Get About eSports

December 3, 2015

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Two weeks ago, Nielsen released data from their study on engaging the U.S. eSports fan. Interestingly enough, the two infographics on the link point to a stark dissonance between what’s important to the eSports community and how brands are attempting to engage its members. Specifically, brands are assuming that the psychology of eSports enthusiasts are equivalent to that of traditional … Continue reading “What Brands Just Don’t Get About eSports”

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