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December 10, 2019

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“We did something very interesting with CS in that we outsourced our map development to our community….So in essence, CS was really a community project.”

Minh “Gooseman” Le, co-creator of Counter-Strike (CS) via Fandom 

Strength in numbers

The Counter-Strike franchise is still strong – a full 20 years after launching as a mod to Half-Life. The latest release, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), is a top-tier esport title with a thriving community of supporters across the world.  

Towards that end, let’s take a data-driven look at the CSGO audience. 

Approach: Use eSports iQ to profile the publicly available social data of 20,000+ competitive video game fans across FranceGermanyRussiaSpain and the USA

Objective: Gain insight into CSGO popularity across the globe 

Additional insights

  • 97% of the Russian esports audience follows either CSGO or DOTA2 
  • 8% of USA esports fans follow CSGO, OWL and League of Legends 
  • 10% of the esports audience in Spain follows CSGO and Rainbow 6 
  • There are 4 times more CSGO than Overwatch League fans in Germany  
  • CSGO is the third most popular esports title in the USA – trailing Call of Duty (37%) and the Overwatch League (29%) 

Why it matters

Competitive video games are inherently global, but location has a major influence on fandom. Audience analytics illustrate these regional contours – enabling data driven decisions, rather than relying on gut feelings and intuitions. 

eSports iQ uses AI/machine learning to produce audience analytics that help you understand digital sport fans, their interests and how to interact with them. 

Join the eSports iQ community TODAY! https://esportsiq.com

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