Esports Market Data 101

October 18, 2016

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“Torture the data, and it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase, Economist & Nobel Prize Laureate Data helps define problems and/or opportunities. And Newzoo’s latest free data report, “Why Sports & Brands Want to be in Esports,” does both. Like most research, the findings must be interpreted correctly. To understand as much, here’s an … Continue reading “Esports Market Data 101”

North American eSports Market Outlook

August 17, 2016

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The North American market has been somewhat a sleeping giant across the global eSports landscape. SuperData Research puts revenue estimates at $275M for 2016, slightly ahead of Europe ($269M) but behind Asia ($328M). However, Activision Blizzard’s better than expected second quarter earnings – 54 cents per share of on $1.61 billion in revenue – thanks … Continue reading “North American eSports Market Outlook”

The Dollars and Sense of eSports Growth

August 3, 2016

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“Prediction is always difficult, especially about the future.” — Niels Bohr Recent estimates from SuperData Research put eSports earnings at $892M by end of 2016 – boosted mostly by continued investment from game publishers and brands (see image below). SuperData also shifted estimates for the $1B mark to 2017, and $1.23B by 2019E. So while the implication that eSports growth has slowed is understandable, … Continue reading “The Dollars and Sense of eSports Growth”

eSports Startup to Watch – Stream Hatchet

August 1, 2016


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In the world of eSports, content is king. Yet even as competitive gaming content makes its way to linear TV, its primary home is online. However, reliable visibility – statistics, analytics, and data – into the reach and effect of live online broadcasts are acutely missing. Consequently, informed decision-making for connecting to its audiences remains difficult. Into … Continue reading “eSports Startup to Watch – Stream Hatchet”

Understanding Sports Money in eSports

June 14, 2016

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The rapidly emerging phenomenon surrounding electronic sports (eSports) continues to steadily gather steam; as notions of sport, competition and entertainment undergo a fundamental shift. Along those lines, eSports is an ideal fit for digitally immersed consumption patterns. Yet the general quandary surrounds what the world of traditional sports has to gain from embracing competitive video … Continue reading “Understanding Sports Money in eSports”

Following the Money in eSports

May 25, 2016

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This week brought rumors of a $500 million deal between ESPN and Riot Games to broadcast League of Legends Championship Series (LCS); followed by both sides going on record denying the talks. While both Riot and ESPN have gone on record denying the talks and the original story contains some general reporting faux paus, the … Continue reading “Following the Money in eSports”

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