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February 26, 2020

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“Latin America has a lot of players. Natively and digitally, players have a wider vision in how they consume digital media. But brands and companies don’t have the insight into what esports is yet.” 

Juan Carlos Cortizo, CEO of Pro Play Esports via VentureBeat 

Up to this point, eSports iQ analytics have focused on English speaking audiences. However, rapid growth of language translation in AI platforms like IBM Watson has dismantled language barriers.  

To that end, we used eSports iQ to model social data from 2,000+ Latin American esports fans and followers.  

The result: A single persona (infographic below) that provides key insights into the attitudes, behaviors and lifestyle interests of the Latin American esports community. 

Note: The data excludes Brazil – coming soon – due to Portuguese language requirements.

Key insights

  • 9Z Team has 4.5 times more social audience influence than G2 Esports in Latin America 
  • Only 7% of Latin American esports fans follow League of LegendsCSGO and Overwatch League 
  • 31% of audience purchase statements were influenced by price/cost 

What you should know

The growth of electronic sport across a culturally diverse region has created unique pockets of influence. For example, Ibai Llanos – a Spanish League of Legends shoutcaster – is the leading influencer in Latin America. Organizations like G2 Esports, who signed Ibai in February 2020, are positioned to leverage this regional influence. 

Plus, since only 1 out of 3 Latin American esports fans are likely to be influenced by social media when making a purchase decision. Esports-related partnerships help non-endemic brands amplify social media marketing. 

See: Movistar (a telecom company) signing renowned Argentinian streamer and CEO of 9Z Team, Francisco ”FrankkasterX” Postiglione, as a brand ambassador. 

Looking ahead

Competitive video games continue to emerge as a leading form of interactive media. What’s missing is segmented insights about this fast-growing fandom.  

eSports iQ audience analytics help fill that void and enable smart decision making. Sign up and check out the product today for FREE

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